Major Problems with BMW X7 - Statistics of Complaints

Below you may see what BMW X7 model years had the most number of complaints over time. Though it does not necessarily mean that 2019, for instance, is the worst year for the X7. Older X7 vehicles tend to accumulate more problems over time, so you need to carefully explore the nature of the issues. Tap into specific years for more details.

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Worst BMW X7 Problems

2019 BMW X7 March 30, 2019

Car was purchsed on march 30th 2019. the seating of the car was mulfuctioning even before the delivery of the car. after three hours of working on the seating, they finally decided and claim the seats are okay, this is the first fix. two days later, the battery light still kept on and we took the car to check, while checking the car, we discoved that the back seats are still not working, so we had the car there for 2weeks for them to fix the seat. april 13th, we were told that they have fixed the seats so we ...

2020 BMW X7 August 27, 2019 Mileage: 1000 miles

On august 27, 2019, i purchased a 2020 bmw x7. since purchasing the vehicle, it's been returned for repairs at two authorized dealers at least two times and spends two weeks of my 2 months ownership in the service. according to the authorized dealer, the defects affecting the vehicle and creating unpleasant, whistling noise is due to the design of the vehicle. it is too much money for a vehicle that gives me headaches.

2019 BMW X7 December 21, 2019 Mileage: 10500 miles

On december 21st 2019, the breaks on our brand new 2019 x7 bmw completely gave out while my husband and i and three minor children were traveling about 70 mph on ny interstate 87. all the lights started blinking inside the vehicle and it kept driving completely without our ability to stop it. since that date, for over 40+ days the car has been with bmw for repair with no communication from corporate on the cause just a confirmation that the brakes indeed went out. it is unclear whether this is a one-off issue or an issue with a ...

What is the most common problem with BMW X7?

Overall the worst problem with BMW X7 relates to BODY problems. Browse the categories below to learn about the specific X7 years that are prone to issues with these components.


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